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Oily Skin


5 Item(s)



5 Item(s)

  1. HABA Squa Cleansing 120ml

    HABA Squa Cleansing 120ml

    HABA Squa Cleaning removes skin impurities quickly without stressing the skin.  Point makeup and dirt are thoroughly removed while keeping moisture on skin.  Can be applied with wet hands Learn More

  2. HABA Micro Force Cleansing 120ml

    HABA Micro Force Cleansing 120ml

    HABA Micro Force Cleansing is a liquid cleanser containing micro-sized squalane wrapped in water.   It thoroughly removes makeup and oils, leaving the skin feeling fresh.   A new type of functional cleanser that is effective and gentle to the skin. Learn More

  3. HABA Squa Powder Wash 80g

    HABA Squa Powder Wash 80g

    HABA Squa Powder Wash dissolves easily in water for an extra-fine cleansing lather.  It thoroughly removes dirt, dead skin cells, and debris to leave the skin refreshed and smooth. Learn More

  4. HABA G-Lotion 180ml HABA G-Lotion 180ml Out of stock

    HABA G-Lotion 180ml

    Restores and refreshes tired skin.  Contains sasa kurilensis extract taken from virgin bamboo forests in northern Japan and sea minerals from seaweed and sea salt.  A refreshing mineral toner that gently hydrates the skin.   Learn More

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  5. Mineral Clay Mask 120g Mineral Clay Mask 120g Out of stock

    Mineral Clay Mask 120g

    1. Three types of mineral rich clay are blended in this mask. This rinse-off pack thoroughly removes dirt from pores, making the skin smooth and resilient with enhanced clarity. 2. Brazilian rose clay, which increases elasticity, and Okinawan marine silt, which absorbs dirt contained in pores, are blended with a French white clay base, which is gentle on the skin. 3. The mild exfoliating action of fermented rose honey removes dead skin cells to brighten the complexion and free it of dullness. Learn More

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5 Item(s)



5 Item(s)