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Protect (Squalane)


4 Item(s)



4 Item(s)

  1. HABA Squa Q10 30ml

    HABA Squa Q10 30ml

    HABA’s Squa Q10 is a proprietary blend of squalane and HABA’s original Coenzyme Q10.  It penetrates deep into skin and provides a synergistic effect of the ingredients for a better skin conditioning. Learn More

  2. HABA VC Squa Milk II HABA VC Squa Milk II

    HABA VC Squa Milk II

    HABA VC Squa Milk contains vitamin C derivative myristyl 3-glyceryl ascorbate (which has both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties) to effectively emulsify squalane without adding additional emulsifying agents.  This makes for a simpler, more stable product and enhances skin clarity.  Dipotassium glycyrrhizate from licorice calms and soothes the skin. Net wt. 60mL / 2 fl oz. Learn More

  3. HABA Squalane ll HABA Squalane ll

    HABA Squalane ll

    1. HABA’s original squalane oil formulated with the plant.2. The plant-derived squalane provides a smooth and light feel on your skin.3. The function of squalane contained in this new product is the same as that of the SQUALANE (shark liver-derived squalane). Learn More

  4. HABA Squalane HABA Squalane New

    HABA Squalane

    HABA Squalane represents HABA’s “non-additive” philosophy. It is a dry and smooth beauty oil that is gentle to the skin. Protects and replenishes skin damaged by dryness, irritation, and UV exposure.   Learn More


4 Item(s)



4 Item(s)