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Moisturize (Toner)


3 Item(s)



3 Item(s)

  1. HABA VC Lotion 180ml HABA VC Lotion 180ml

    HABA VC Lotion 180ml

    HABA VC Lotion is a brightening toner with Vitamin C derivative to improve skin elasticity and clarity.  It permeates the skin quickly and easily to keep it moisturized and soft. Learn More

  2. HABA G-Lotion 180ml HABA G-Lotion 180ml Out of stock

    HABA G-Lotion 180ml

    Restores and refreshes tired skin.  Contains sasa kurilensis extract taken from virgin bamboo forests in northern Japan and sea minerals from seaweed and sea salt.  A refreshing mineral toner that gently hydrates the skin.   Learn More

    Out of stock

  3. HABA Kita No Kaori Mist Lotion 60ml

    HABA Kita No Kaori Mist Lotion 60ml

    HABA presents a luxurious skincare series packed with the natural and enchanting bounties of Hokkaido. ① Luxuriously formulated with the natural beauty ingredients of Hokkaido, including extract of Japanese mint grown in Kitami, extract obtained from salmon, and blue-berried honeysuckle, Rosa rugosa and Job’s tears extracts. ② The cooling sensation of the products makes your skincare routine pleasant even during the hot, humid season that inspires a lack of concern about skincare. Learn More


3 Item(s)



3 Item(s)