HABA VC Lotion (180mL / 6 fl oz.)

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- A brightening toner, contains a 2% Vitamin C derivative

- Alcohol-Free

- Improves skin elasticity and clarity

- Prevents blemishes from forming and promotes clear translucent skin


• Improves skin elasticity and clarity.

• Including active Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate and Vitamin C.

• Sea salt humectant and Vitamin P derivative included.

• HABA's original moisturizing agent, ceramide nanosome, provides deeper and longer-lasting moisture.

• Prevents blemishes from forming and promotes clear translucent skin.

• Permeates the skin quickly and easily to keep it moisturized and soft.

• Recommended for those concerned about dark spots and freckles caused by chapped skin and sunburn.

How to Use

 Take a sufficient amount in the cupped palm of one hand, apply onto face and pat gently with both hands until fully absorbed.

Do not use large amounts at one time, but instead, repeat applications little by little several times according to the degree of skin dryness (until your skin feels cool).

 For dry skin around the eyes, a lotion mask is recommended. Apply a point pack sheet or some cotton doused with ample VC Lotion to the dry area for about 5 minutes. When a point pack sheet is used, make sure to remove it gently before it dries out completely.


General Precautions:

  • keep out of reach of children

  • use only as directed

  • for external use only

  • do not use on broken or irritated skin

  • avoid direct contact with the eyes; flush with cool water if contact occurs

  • test a small amount of product on a small area of skin to see how skin reacts

  • discontinue use in case of redness or irritation

  • consult a physician if redness or other conditions persist or worsen

  • avoid storing in extreme temperatures or in direct sunlight

  • seal the product completely after each use


Product Precautions & Details

HABA adds NO chemical colors, fragrances, or preservatives to its products.  Please note the following:

The slight product smell or fragrance is all-natural; no chemicals are added to mask the smell;

A rapid or extreme change in temperature may discolor the product; this will not affect the product’s safety or effectiveness;



2 years if not opened, 1 year after opening

Vitamin C derivative

Black melanin, which causes dark spots and freckles, is synthesized from tyrosine by enzymatic activation of tyrosinase in melanocytes triggered by signals transmitted by intracellular messengers.

Vitamin C derivative prevents tyrosinase from activating and is likely to reduce melanin production.

Ceramide nanosome

Rice bran ceramide (rice bran sphingoglycolipid) encapsulated in a 100-150 nano-meter diameter capsule.

Vitamin P derivative

Contained in the skin of citrus fruit in large quantities. Contributes to the proper absorption and use of Vitamin C and increases the strength of the capillaries.

Helps accelerate the metabolism and skin replenishment, thereby preventing dull skin and ensuring skin rejuvenation.

Inhibits the function of hyaluronan-degrading enzyme and helps keep your skin youthful.



WATER (Solvent)
BUTYLENE GLYCOL (Humectant, Slolvent)
GLYCERIN (Humectant)
BETAINE (Humectant)
SEA SALT (Humectant)
CITRIC ACID (pH Adjuster)
LYSOLECITHIN (Solubilizer) 
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