HABA STYLE Perfect Foaming Net ll

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1. This exclusive foaming net easily lathers with any type of cleanser such as bar, powder or foam soap. With improvements made in the materials and manufacturing process, the lather quickly and easily thickens.

2. Fine lather wraps around your face to adsorb dead skin cells and dirt clogged in pores, and gently washes without straining your skin.

3. The logo "HABA STYLE" is printed on the ribbon.

Net material: The net part is softer with a smaller mesh size. Easy to lather, creating a dense foam.

Sponge: The sponge size has been reduced by 1 mm, and the number reduced from 20 to 10. This is another secret to creating a dense foam.

Manufacturing process: Multilayered nets help create a dense foam quickly.

Knot part: The tie band was changed to a rubber band to enhance safety and strength.

1. Lightly wet the foaming net with cold or lukewarm water, and apply the cleanser to the net. (Suggested amount to use: Pour SQUA POWDER WASH by shaking the bottle two or three times; or squeeze out 1 to 2 cm of SQUA FACIAL FOAM.)

2. Hold the knot part of the net tightly between your fingers and create a lather by rubbing the net.

3. Squeeze out the foam, and apply to your face.

※ The net should be used to create a lather only. Do not use the net to wash your face.

※ Use the ring to hang the net on a hook for drying. As you lather, do not insert your finger into the ring to hold it; instead hold the net between your fingers.

※ Do not pull the net hard, or the mesh may become distorted or damaged.

※ Wash the net with soap before using for the first time.

※ Rinse the net thoroughly with water after use, and let it dry in the shade.

※ Keep it clean until the next use.

Net: PE

Sponge: PU


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