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- 100% Plant-Derived Squalane Oil

- Just one drop completes your skincare routine! Softens the corneocyte, promotes skin respiration, moisturizes deeply and excellent in skin permeability

- The function of Plant Origin Squalane is the same as HABA Squalane 

- Colorless, odorless, harmless and gentle on the skin


• Softens skin by preventing the hardening of keratin, and metabolizes dead cells smoothly.

• Stimulates skin respiration to activate metabolism.

• Assimilates into sebum in the epidermis.

   The skin's natural ability also helps squalane spontaneously emulsify the moisture provided to the skin.

• Helps other products used together (toner etc.) to penetrate deep into the skin, much like a vehicle transports luggage.

• Makes skin thinner and softener.

It is considered a natural skin softener.

With great resistance to high temperatures, this oil will not easily oxidize or change in quality.

How to Use

 • When skin is still wet after applying enough toner, take one (or a few) drops on palm and blends on palms. Then gently apply to the entire face evenly, as if you wrap your face by both hands. • In 3-5 minutes: you can feel your skin duly moisturized. • In case you feel greasy or sticky during the daytime, it’s a sign of “too much oil” for your skin. Please decrease the volume to apply. In case you feel tight or rough, please increase as it’s a sign of oil shortage. • Adjust the volume according to your skin status. • Please adjust the usage volume by season, skin type and age.

Body Care
After shower or bath, wipe your body just lightly with a towel and apply a thin layer of Squalane. The key is to blend Squalane and water drops still left on the skin for moisturized after-feel. Squalane’s skin softener effect works well on elbows, knees, and heels. If applied after a bath, it’s effective and those parts become so smooth.

Hair Care
if you have brittle hair, after shampooing, drip Squalene (a few drops) in washbowl filled with warm water and apply that water to your hair. It makes hair smooth and manageable. When you brush hair, apply a little Squalane to hair ends in advance. It reduces friction, so cut hair and split ends will be reduced. It’s also good to protect hair from the hair dryer’s heat. Before drying hair, apply a little Squalane to hair or just do above.

Special Mask by Squalane

• Pore Cleansing
Under the steam of the bathroom, you can refresh your skin by Squalane mask.
Prepare face-sized cellophane, making holes for eyes, mouth, and nose on it. After face wash, apply a layer of Squalane and wrap face with the cellophane and soak your body in a bathtub to warm yourself. Wait for 5-10 minutes to sweat. Then, take off the cellophane and wash away the sweat and dirt on the face, together with oil left on the skin.

• For Skin Dryness in Winter
If you have a concern about dryness, not easily relieved by repeated application of toner every day, try the mask above. After it, apply toner abundantly.
By Squalane mask, the skin has become softened, enabling to accept toner effectively, while the penetration ability is enhanced as the skin has been warmed. You feel better penetration of toner actually by yourself. Finish with Squalane, as always.

Other Purposes

• For insect bite: Apply immediately. It relieves itch and swelling.
• Acne/ Pimples: If the pimple is not reddened, apply Squalane on it. Recommended to do it after bath/shower, after hot-towel mask on face to enlarge pores and wipe off any impurities.
• After shaving of men
• Baby’s diaper rash: At the finish of taking bath, mix 1-2 drops of Squalane in warm water and wash softly the concerned parts with it. As Squalane is safe, you can use it for baby’s troubles.

Notes: The human body has Squalane in sebum originally, but the secretion decreases after the age of 25, causing skin troubles by this shortage.


<Shelf Life>
3 years if not opened / 1 year after opened

General Precautions:

  • keep out of reach of children

  • use only as directed

  • for external use only

  • do not use on broken skin

  • avoid direct contact with the eyes

  • test a small amount of product on a small area of skin to see how skin reacts

  • discontinue use in case of redness or irritation

  • consult a physician if redness or other conditions persist or worsen

  • avoid storing in extreme temperatures



 You used the product and you got a rash:

You may have applied to much of the product. Rinse and calm the skin with water.  Wait 2-3 days and try applying a smaller amount of the product with each use.


You used the product and you skin became rough:

Your skin may have been dehydrated and the sudden increase in moisture from the product resulted in further dryness.  Rehydrate the skin thoroughly with a moisturizing toner, then gradually apply the product as directed.


The product does not seem to work as well as your other moisturizers:

Your skin’s natural moisturizing and healing processes may be out of sync due to excessive or irregular skin care.  It may take a while for your skin to adjust to a regular, natural skin care routine.  



3 years if not opened, 1 year after opening.

SQUALANE (extracts from selection of plants), OLIVE, PALM, SUGAR CANE, SUNFLOWER, RAPE SEED, COCONUT

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