HABA Squa Cleansing (120mL / 4.06 fl oz.)

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- Removes skin impurities quickly without stressing the skin

- Point makeup and dirt are thoroughly removed while keeping moisture on skin

- Can be applied with wet hands

- Removes skin impurities quickly without stressing skin

- No need to wash the face after cleansing


• Blends quickly to instantly dissolve and remove oil and makeup without rubbing.  

• Dry oil texture smoothes easily over the skin and is not thick like other oil cleansers.

• Contains ingredients to relieve skin roughness and inflammation and condition skin to a healthy state after cleansing.

• Takes away old corneum gently for smooth and moisturized skin.

• Easily rinsed off during normal cleansing.

• HABA is committed to simple function and effective skin beauty.


How to Use


Point Makeup around eyes and mouth: Take 1-2 pushes on cotton pad and remove makeup softly. (Move from the inner part to the outer, then from the upper part to the lower for eye contour. Then, turn the side of cotton pad to move from the outer to the inner for mouth contour.)

Makeup on face : Make a cup shape by palm to let the cleanser fill in it (about a big coin size), mix by both hands, blend on skin for the whole face. Remove makeup and wash it away by water or lukewarm water thoroughly.


STEP①            STEP②       STEP

SQUA CLEANSING ⇒   Moisturizing(Toner) ⇒  Protection(Squalane)

General Precautions:

  • keep out of reach of children

  • use only as directed

  • for external use only

  • do not use on broken or irritated skin

  • avoid direct contact with the eyes; flush with cool water if contact occurs

  • test a small amount of product on a small area of skin to see how skin reacts

  • discontinue use in case of redness or irritation

  • consult a physician if redness or other conditions persist or worsen

  • avoid storing in extreme temperatures or in direct sunlight

  • seal the product completely after each use


Product Precautions & Details

HABA adds NO chemical colors, fragrances, or preservatives to its products.  Please note the following:

The slight product smell or fragrance is all-natural; no chemicals are added to mask the smell;

A rapid or extreme change in temperature may discolor the product; this will not affect the product’s safety or effectiveness;



3 years if not opened, 1 year after opening


SQUALANE (Protectant)
PEG-20 GLYCERYL TRIISOSTEARATE (Emulsifier, Emollient)
POLYGLYCERYL-6 ISOSTEARATE (Emulsifier, Emollient)
DEXTRIN PALMITATE / ETHYLHEXANOATE (Emulsifier, Anti-caking agent)
HIBISCUS SABDARIFFA FLOWER EXTRACT (Exogenous enzyme, Skin-conditioning agent)
BUTYLENE GLYCOL (Skin-conditioning agent)
WATER (Solvent)
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