HABA ROSE SQUALANE Limited (15mL/ 30mL)

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Rose Squalane

Limited Rose Squalane for Spring!
Squalane containing rose essential oil. This special-edition Squalane protects the skin with moisture while giving out a healing fragrance of rose.
Using extremely rare Damask rose essential oil. Rose fragrance relieves fatigue and stress and balances mind-body imbalances.

Net wt. 15mL / 0.5 fl oz.

Net wt. 30mL / 1 fl oz.

<Benefit and function of Rose>
・Known to have a high protective effect, increase blood circulation, improve dryness and dullness of the skin.
・Soothes nervous system relieves tension and enhances sleep quality.
・Balances hormonal imbalances in women.

●Rosa Damascena Flower Oil
Known as “Queen of Essential Oils,” this oil was used fondly by Cleopatra and has long been popular from ancient times. This versatile oil has been used for medical purposes and as home remedies. It can be used on the skin and even taken orally. Recommended also for those with sensitive skin. Extracted from rose petals by a separation process called “steam distillation.”
It is known as the most precious essential oil because few tons of petals are required in order to produce 1kg of oil. Even today, Damask Rose essential oil is traded at a rate several times higher than gold.

1) While your face and hands are still moist with toner, spread one drop on the palm of your hands and press gently into the skin.

2) Adjust the volume according to the season, skin type, and age.

*Watch for skin abnormalities while using the product.
*If any of the following symptoms occur, stop using immediately; continued use of the product may aggravate symptoms. We recommend that you consult a dermatologist.
(1) If you experience redness, swelling, itching, irritation, discoloration (vitiligo), darkening of the skin, or any other skin problems.
(2) If any of the symptoms described above occur on the skin after the product is applied and then exposed to direct sunlight.
*Do not use on areas where there is a wound, swelling, rash, or other abnormalities.
*Rinse immediately in case of contact with eyes.
*Due to the characteristics of essential oil, the variation of color and fragrance may occur. However, this does not affect the product quality.

<Caution on Storage and Handling>
*Close the cap firmly after use.
*Keep out the reach of infants and children.
*Do not store the product in a place with extremely high or low temperature. Also, avoid direct sunlight.

[Shelf Life] 3 years if unopened: 1 year after opening


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