HABA Moisture Essence Gel (50g)

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- High concentration of Squalane Oil

- Keeps moisture well without the sticky feel

- Anti-aging function: Prevents skin damage

• This is a long-lasting moisturizing gel (Protection item) suitable in dry season.

• The gel containing Squalane at high % spreads out smoothly to fit on skin.

• Together with Squalane, it contains Platinum nano-colloid, which prevents skin damage, Trehalose of high moisturizing quality and several extracts of Chinese herbs like Lithospermum Officinale Root Extract (known as the fighter against aging). 

After toner application, take an appropriate amount on spatula to spread over skin face, as a protection item. For dried areas, please apply repeatedly.

* Stop using it immediately if any skin abnormalities occur.

* Wash off immediately if it goes into eyes.

* No fragrance added, so you may notice the original odor of the ingredients.

* Please clean the spatula with a piece of tissue paper after use.

* Make sure to fasten the inner lid and outer cap after use.

<Usage Period>
3 years before opened/ 1 year after opened

Water, glycerin, cyclomethicone, squalane, butanediol, STEAROYL INULIN, betaine, sodium chloride, PENTYLENE GLYCOL, METHYL GLUCETH-10, trehalose, platinum powder, LITHOSPERMUM OFFICINALE ROOT EXTRACT, UNCANIA GAMBIR EXTRACT, EUGENIA CARYOPHYLLUS (CLOVE) flower extract, tocopherol, PEG / PPG-19/19 DIMETHICONE, SODIUM CARBOXYMETHYL DEXTRAN, sodium polyacrylate
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