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The brush adopts a rounded and pointed form in which the bristles are gradually tapered toward the toe.

When using the brush horizontally and parallel to the skin’s surface, the base eye color can be applied over the entire upper eyelid. When using the tip of the brush, an accent color can be easily added to the lash line.


① This makeup brush in HABA’s original style is so easy to use. Even beginners can achieve a professional makeup result. Enjoy HABA’s high quality makeup items.

② HABA’s brush incorporates the high-performing fibers TAfrE® and Ag-TAfrE®, created with special technologies. With animal hair-like texture and excellent powder pick-up, the brush provides consistent makeup application. The antimicrobial function of Ag-TAfrE® also means the brush can be used in a constant clean state.

③ The handle of the brush fits comfortably in your hand and provides stability when applying makeup. An exclusive cap comes with the brush for convenient, portable use.

Size/ Total Length:Approx.11.1cm

Hair Length:Approx.1.5cm

With Cap:13cm

5 Feature Points

① Eco-friendly material

Thirty-seven percent of TAfrE® fiber comes from a plant resource (corn) to reduce the environmental burden (for Ag-TAfrE®, the plant resource is 30%).

* Commercially available PBT brushes (synthetic hair) are made from 100% petroleum-based materials.

② Cuticles exquisitely treated

Exquisitely treated cuticles, which conventional synthetic fibers do not have, provide the same “pick-up and release” functions as those of animal hair.

⇒ Excellent in powder pick-up and application to the skin.

③ Unique crimp processed

Fibers are 3D crimp-processed in a manner similar to animal hair to add volume to the brush.

●TAfrE®: Spiral (spring-like configuration)

●Ordinary synthetic hair: Wavy (wavy line on a plane surface)

⇒ Volumized shape efficiently picks up powder.

④ PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate) used

A material having polyester’s shape recovery properties and nylon’s excellent softness and stretchability.

⑤ Ag (silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agent) kneaded (Ag-TAfrE®)

The brush remains clean because Ag, which has been kneaded into the synthetic hair, exerts an almost permanent antimicrobial effect.

It will reduce the development of bacteria caused by sebum which accumulates from makeup application.

* HABA’s brushes, which use 50% Ag, demonstrate satisfactory results.


TAfrE® is a synthetic bristle developed in the quest for an animal-free product.

While animal hair is used widely in the cosmetics market, it has become difficult to secure because of concerns about the maintenance of hair quality and stability, as well as increasing concern for the protection of animals. This means future projections are for increasing costs and greater difficulty in securing stable supplies of animal-sourced bristles.

TAfrE® was developed to mimic squirrel bristle, which provides excellent usability, but is difficult to obtain.

Most commercially available synthetic hair is made of either polyester (PBT) or nylon only. TAfrE® is made of polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), which features polyester’s shape recovery properties and nylon’s excellent softness and stretchability compared to other synthetic fibers.

The brush fits the eyelids smoothly. The bristles tapered toward the toe pick up the right amount of powder to easily create a three-dimensional gradation look across the area around the eyes.

①Apply shade over the inner corner of your eye, and from that point, draw one third the length of the lower eyelid as if you were drawing an arrow. 

②Lightly apply shade over the entire eyelid from the inside outward.

③Apply shade slightly wider than a double eyelid.

④Using the tip of the brush, apply shade close to your lash line, then draw one-third the length of the lower eyelid from the outer corner of your eye.


※  Use the brushes only as intended.

※  For safety reasons, do not use a broken or deformed brush.

※  Rough handling of the brush may result in loss of bristles.

※  Discontinue use if the brush does not agree with your skin.

 <Storage Precautions>

※  Put the exclusive cap back on after use to protect the tip of the bristles.

※  Store in a well-ventilated area, away from high temperature and humidity, and direct sunlight.

※  Keep out of reach of infants and children.

※  Keep the brush away from fire which could discolor, deform or burn the brush.

Material/ Brush : PTT 

Brush Shaft : Wood, Brush Cap:EVA

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