HABA’s plant-origin squalane is finally ready!


・Making the squalane beauty regimen available to more people.

HABA has been involved in the development of plant-origin squalane for many years. In spite of many challenges, we have conducted years of research without compromise anything, including the purity level and feel on the skin. Finally, we have succeeded in creating HABA’s original plant-origin squalane, SQUALANE II.


Convincing quality achieved with carefully-selected materials and a special formula

Our first challenge was to carefully select the right kind of squalane derived from plant. Using special formula blend at a unique balance, we have achieved convincing quality that is the same as that of SQUALANE.


How to make SQUALANE ll




・Just one drop completes your skincare routine! The benefit of plants to moisturize and beautify your skin.



SQUALANE II provides an incredibly light-feel to the skin. It quickly penetrates* into the skin, providing softness and moisture without getting greasy. SQUALANE II is recommended for anyone who has never tried the squalane beauty regimen. You’ll be surprised by its amazing feel on your skin.
*Penetrates into the stratum corneum


Squalane is an ingredient we are originally having in sebum. 

Squalane existing in human sebum protects the skin from various irritations such as dryness and UV rays. For women, squalane decreases after the peak around the age 25, then will cause skin troubles. HABA squalane beauty regimen is to keep the skin beauty and healthy by supplying squalane decreaseing with age.


・HABA SQUALANEII is a mildness and light feel on your skin.

 SQUALANEII has no worry of oxidation and a light feel on your skin, as it is totally stable with high purity.

SQUALANE II helps Lotion/Serum ingredients to be penetrated into skin. It moistures on skin and enhances skin barrier functions. It is very safe to use for a baby.



・6 Functions of Squalane

1. Soften the corneocyte

2. Promote skin respiration to help skin metabolism

3. Mixed with moisture to protect against the dryness

4. Quickly penetrated into skin*

5. Help Lotion/Serum ingredients to be penetrated into skin (Vehicle effect) *

6. Protect skin without being oxidized nor deteriorated


・This oil is safe for use over the whole body by the whole family.

Just like SQUALANE, SQUALANE II can be applied over the whole body in a variety of ways as an addition to skincare. It is for the whole family regardless of age and gender.