Maximize the natural healing power of your skin. Listen to your skin. Find your true beauty. HABA is the acronym for “Health Aid Beauty Aid”, which means HABA assist your health and beauty. Since our establishment, it has been our company name and predominant concept.


Our Basic theory

“Inside-out beauty” is our basic philosophy. We believe the right skin care and health care can make people lively, beautiful, and comfortable. Our aim is to provide not merely something to cover the skin, but rather responsibly sourced and quality prepared items to fundamentally improve health and beauty.


We give top priority to safety. We have a non-additive mindset in our product development. Our immutable goal is to diligently develop safe, effective, and high-quality products.

1. Non-additive mindset. We do not add skin-irritating preservatives or additives to our products.

2. Natural Healing Power. We aim to assist the natural healing power of the skin by providing only the essentials the skin needs and never beyond.

3. Highly-Functional Products. We provide only highly-functional products with the latest techniques and provide the right knowledge and advice to help people pursue true beauty.


We believe beauty is already in you. At HABA, we find and reveal your natural beauty.

Non-additive mindset. HABA products do not contain:

Parabens as preservatives

Artificial fragrances

Mineral oil

Tar colors

Petrochemical surfectants

These ingredients cause allergic reactions or harm to the skin and body.